The world of Search Engine Optimization and eCommerce has lately been a major focus for us here at Otter Creative Studio.

It seems that everyone wants to sell something these days—tangible and information products—and with that comes the responsibility and ongoing task of ranking those eCommerce websites and its products through a number of specific strategies.

We have been working to rank one of our clients for a number of valuable keywords on the major search engines but with an ongoing emphasis on Google of course—sorry Bing and Yahoo! even though you guys are still and will always be important to the search engine ecosystem.

WordPress & WooCommerce

For this particular website we are working with our beloved WordPress and its eCommerce counterpart WooCommerce.

If you don’t know what WooCommerce is then you should check out their website to learn more about this amazing shopping cart solution for WordPress websites.

WooCommerce Logo

Over time I have noticed that sometimes Google will notice and rank “relatively unimportant” WordPress pages such as post tags and WooCommerce product tag pages even though the site’s main pages and its products and category pages are primarily and commonly going to be selected as better choices in search results.

This is pretty cool and advantageous to your business considering it is more opportunities your WordPress site has to rank with the search engines!

Product Tags and SEO

On the example below we see that until March 17th the page ranking on page 1 for the keyword “refurbished medical equipment” was the homepage until a particular product tag took over—you can only see part of the link but it is a WooCommerce product tag page!

Client Marketing Ranking Keyword Example

I now know and can see on this report that Google is blatantly telling me this page is worth something enough to rank it instead the mother of pages—that’s the homepage, of course—so the next thing I am going to add is written content to this tag page with sizzling, valuable information as all that’s currently there is a list of products—those tagged with the now famous WooCommerce product tag!

Keyword & Product Tag Ranking

From this point forward I will see how well this product tag continues to perform after those content changes even though it is already on page 1 and within the first 5 spots which is where you ideally want your ranked pages to be!

Check out this article from WooCommerce if you want an even deeper understanding on how product tags can benefit your website’s SEO.

Make sure you keep an eye on your pages’ rankings and see in what areas you can improve the content once you realize Google is paying attention!

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