Web Design

We Are a Florida Web Design Company

We provide web design services from the sunny state of Florida.

We work with clients all over the United States and have extensive experience building websites and providing a number of online services to businesses through the magic of the internet.

Our Web Design Process

The ideal web design process to get a site up and running needs to be simple from beginning to end whether you are looking for to build a simple landing page and a blog for your business, or something more robust like an ecommerce or membership website—and that’s where we come in.

We make your web design project’s experience, planning and building your website, as easy as possible by listening to your needs, right from the start.

Whether this is your first website project or not it is important that we communicate at all stages to make sure we are not only on track with what needs to be completed but to ensure you know and understand what’s being done.

Our web design process and approach incorporates all our skills in the areas of web development, brandingAI content creation, and search engine optimization to further enhance the project’s protential.

Our Web Design Experience

We have experience with a number of web design technologies and programming languages which we have used to create our clients’ websites in the past 15+ years including Drupal, Joomla!, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Wix, and SquareSpace as well as programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, and JavaScript among others.

Content Management System

You might have heard or stumbled upon the term before.

Content Management System or CMS for short is a web design platform or system that allows us web designers to build great, modern, and modern-friendly websites. CMS like WordPress are not only powerful for web designers but also easy to manage for non-technical users looking for to administer their own website.

Our websites are built with platforms that are both worldwide supported and which offer unparalleled flexibility for web design.

WordPress is our go-to Content Management System—CMS for short—and the one we will use to create your new website.

WordPress CMS

With so many ways to build a website and a market filled with a never-ending list of paid and free web builders, choosing the right platform for your unique business’ online needs could be a daunting task—and one for just about anyone who has never built a website before.

WordPress Web Design Logo

Choosing a platform like WordPress takes all the guesswork aside and ensures that all your needs are seamlessly met including all the technical support only a worldwide renown platform such as WordPress can provide.

WordPress Features

WordPress powers 33% of the websites worldwide: it simply works! Under the hood there are some features that make this CMS the choice of many WordPress web designers like us here at Otter Creative Studio.

Some of these amazing features are:

  • High Customizable Designs
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Performance
  • Easy to Manage
  • Extremely Secure
  • Powerful Content Management
  • Over 54,000 Plugins.

Web Design Features You Can Expect

Your web design service comes with features you can expect from a professional web design company:

Mobile Friendly

Seamless experience on all modern devices.


Optimization focused on your business.


For optimal security and performance.


Monthly backups on multiple locations.


Lightning fast, modern, cloud servers.


Enhanced security via SSL certificates.


Get what you need when you need it.


We are just an email, chat or call away.

Ranking & Google

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