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Optimize a WordPress Site Without Hiring an SEO

Some time ago last year I wrote a provocative piece of content I used as a lead magnet or cheat sheet for a WordPress project I was working on. I wanted and want to show my audience that they could and can optimize their own websites themselves without having to hire an SEO.

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Los Angeles

Online Marketing & Web Design Service in Los Angeles

We have been providing web design and development service since August of 2008. It all began in sunny San Diego where we had this idea of creating a solid marketing and web design company which would stand the test of time—and here we are 10 YEARS later…

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VPN Security Camera

3 Ways to Check If Your VPN Is Leaking Your Data

Think your search history is private? Think again. Every site you visit, every Google search query you ever type is recorded, logged, and stored in some virtual cloud. In fact, courts have even begun using a person’s internet search history as evidence…

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Big Sur California

Behind the Otter Creative Studio Name

Otter Creative Studio’s name concept started with a trip to Big Sur, California. About 30 miles north lies a city, Monterey, where otters live. We fell in love with the animal and the company name was born—and the rest, like they say, is history…

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