Behind the Otter Creative Studio Name

Otter Creative Studio’s name concept started with a trip to Big Sur, California. About 30 miles north lies a city, Monterey, where otters live. We fell in love with the animal and the company name was born—and the rest, like they say, is history.

We had the opportunity to go back about a month ago and we decided to record a short but amazing video on our way to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. It is beautiful down there and if you enjoy watching this video imagine being there!

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What This Blog Is About

Otter Creative Studio is a web design and development, graphic design, and SEO company. The web is overly saturated with company and personal blogs covering pretty much everything there is regarding topics in these fields. Worse yet, most of these posts—but not all—are rarely unique and are frequently crafted with SEO in mind and not with contributing to a better Internet. For many years we decided not to contribute with another blog and, instead, focused on our clients’ projects solely.

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